right one

For almost every application. We would be happy to personally assist you in selecting the right material for your application. Try us!

In our aluminum shop for business and private use, you can also easily order small quantities online, tailored to your desired size.

  • No minimum quantity
  • No minimum order value*
  • Cut according to customer specifications
  • Extensive stock of aluminum profiles and aluminum sheets
  • Shipping faster
  • Ideal for small and private customers


Aluminium programme
of LCK.Metall

  • sheets and strips
  • Checker plates /
  • perforated plates
  • rods
  • profiles and tubes
  • Illuminated advertising profiles
  • drawing profiles


Stainless steel programme
of LCK.Metall

  • sheets and strips
  • Decor & perforated sheets
  • tear plates
  • rods
  • profiles
  • Tube
  • pipe accessories


non-ferrous metal program
by LCK.Metal

  • sheets
  • plates
  • rods
  • profiles
  • Pipes & Bushings


Where standard is not enough:
Material processing

  • cutting
  • anodizing
  • color coating
  • grinding / polishing


The name LCK. Metal stands for flexibility, versatility, speed and quality. We understand modern trade as a service and individual problem solving.

Our stock range is constantly being adapted to the special needs of our customers, which can be found in a wide variety of industries.
Thanks to the network of the AMARI Group with branches all over Europe, almost anything can be delivered.

From our warehouse in Wildau near Berlin, centrally located in the heart of the new federal states, we serve customers in Berlin, Brandenburg, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia as well as the neighboring areas in Poland, Lithuania, the Czech Republic and Ukraine.
The committed employees of LCK. Metall work with ambition and great enthusiasm and offer solutions that enable an economical and successful cooperation with our customers.

You too can benefit from the services of LCK. metal and use them for your recipe for success.

The AMARI group

The AMARI Group is one of the leading metal distribution groups in Europe. There are AMARI branches in Great Britain, Ireland, Spain, France, Poland, Holland and Germany.

This combines the strength of a large company with the medium-sized strength of regional metal centers. An extensive delivery program with products made of aluminium, stainless steel and non-ferrous metals makes us a competent supplier for metal processing companies in industry, for suppliers and in the trade.

Custom made aluminium & stainless steel

Shop for aluminum profiles, tubes, sheets and rods - aluminum cut to size

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